Link Nurseries

Link Nurseries in Powick was one of three centres run by the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust providing vocational services and activities for people recovering from a mental health condition.

Following a countywide re-design of the provision, the Link was due to close at the end of June due to a change in the way services are provided.Following evaluation of the options for continuation of activities, Warwickshire College Group will now manage the Nursery - as a community focused horticultural centre offering educational and therapeutic services for  local people including those recovering from mental ill-health. It will also be an outlet for the sale of plants to the public. Warwickshire College Group are supported by the Bransford Trust as well as the Friends of Link Nurseries, who will continue their long standing relationship with the site.

This collaboration and the new plans for the facility provide a fantastic opportunity to develop an enterprise that delivers healthcare, educational benefit and horticultural therapy from the site longer term. The new Link Nurseries will open in October ’16.

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