About us 

The Bransford Trust seeks to assist the charitable activities of organisations engaged with the arts, music, education and wellbeing of young people in the Worcester area via the provision of financial support likely to have been found difficult to access elsewhere. For an initiative to receive funding from the Trust, applicants will need to clearly demonstrate the delivery of educational, cultural, sporting, community and healthcare benefits for the local area; noting the Trust’s particular focus on the development and wellbeing of young people. 

The Bransford Trust is keen to support activities aligned with its values and objectives, described on this website and further put into context with examples of activity recently supported in the Case Studies and News sections. An independent grant making charity established in 2004 by the Kinnear family, the Trust contributes approximately £500,000 per year to organisations that apply for funding as well as to schemes initiated by the Trustees. Awards are usually in the range of £500 to £5000 though in exceptional circumstances the Trust will consider applications for higher amounts.  When reviewing applications, the Trust is keen that applicants demonstrate other fundraising activity in support of their initiative.

The Trust does not fund individuals, commercial activity or public sector bodies and prioritises support of initiatives designed to create a step change or expansion of organisations’ charitable activities over support for day to day operating costs. Additionally, the Trust will only consider applications for funding in support of activities and initiatives that take place in the Worcester area. 

The Trust meets twice a year to consider applications for grant funding. The fixed closing dates for applications, to ensure their consideration at the relevant meeting, are the 30th June and 15th December. The Trust will only consider applications made via its website, through which all communication with applicants will be conducted. Should you receive any correspondence claiming to be from the Bransford Trust and you have had no previous contact with the Trust, please ignore it.