How to Apply 


Only complete applications submitted via this website will be considered by the Trust. The Guidance and FAQs section of the website provides detailed information designed to help you assess the suitability of your initiative and subsequently complete your application in full. The Trust will base funding decisions not only on its grant making criteria, current circumstances and application profile,  but also the clarity and quality of supporting information provided in your application.

Please take the time required to provide all details requested throughout the application process; deemed necessary for the Trust to adequately assess your organisation’s initiative and suitability for grant funding. For an application to be considered, it must be made by an organisation, for an initiative taking place in the Worcester area and to deliver benefit within one of the five qualifying categories What We Fund. If these three preliminary eligibility criteria are not met at the beginning of the application process, then you will not be able to complete and submit an application to the Trust. If they are met, then the application can be completed in full - noting that completion and submission does not guarantee funding, as all grants are awarded entirely at the discretion of the Trustees whose decision is final.

Prior to commencing the application process, you should decide whether to make an application under the Main or Fast Track Grant schemes: 

  • Main Grant scheme – for applications for grant funding of all amounts.

Applications made under this scheme can be submitted at any time, though will only be considered twice per year at the review meetings held in summer and winter; with fixed closing dates for receipt of applications the 30th June and 15th December, to ensure their consideration at the corresponding meeting. Successful applicants will be notified shortly after each meeting, prior to payment of the grant awarded. The Trust will not approve Main Grant scheme applications or make payments between meetings. 

  • Fast Track scheme – In addition to awards made under its Main Grant scheme, the Trust makes up to twenty Fast Track awards per year of up to £1000 each.

The level of information required to complete a Fast Track application is less than the Main Grant scheme. Decisions regarding awards are made in between the six-monthly Main Grant application review meetings. Applications are reviewed regularly, though more than two awards will not usually be made per month. The website will indicate if Fast Track awards are available and the application process is open to new applicants on the Apply Now page. An organisation will not be allocated more than one Fast Track award in any two year period. 

Having selected a scheme, follow the online application process carefully, referring to the Guidance and FAQ information throughout, noting the closing dates for applications above. Late applications will not be considered until the following Trust meeting. The Trust requires that all recipients of Fast Track or Main Grant scheme funding provide a brief report on their initiative within six months of their grant award, demonstrating how the funds were used for the purposes set out in the application.