Frequently asked questions 

Notes providing guidance are accessible throughout the application process and are also available to download from this page. In addition, to help further with the completion of your application, answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the grant process are set out below. Please read the Guidance notes, FAQs and Terms and Conditions sections of this website before completing and submitting an application. 

Who can apply for a grant? New or established organisations based in England undertaking activities aligned with the objectives of the Bransford Trust CIO, who are struggling to secure funding they need through other avenues despite their best efforts. The Bransford Trust CIO will not accept applications from individuals or ‘for profit’ organisations. 

Which organisations will the charity support?  The Trustees of the Bransford Trust CIO are looking to form long term collaborative partnerships with the organisations which they fund. The Trustes want to get to know the people involved with the organisations and to understand in detail the activities which they undertake. Whilst the Bransford Trust CIO will occasionally make one-off grants to organisations, this will only be in exceptional cirucmstances and generally under the Fast Track application process.  More generally, applciations will only be entertained in circumstances where the orgnaisation wants a long term relationship with the charity, where repeat funding could be provided over time. If you are not comfortable with making a commitment to forming such a partnership with the charity for whatever reason then please do not apply as it is highly likely that your application will be rejected.  

We are not a registered charity – can we still apply for funding? Yes you can, as long as your activity or initiative fits within one of the Trust’s qualifying categories of Culture, Education, Sport, Community or Healthcare and you meet the other requirements referred to above.

If I meet the initial eligibility criteria and complete an application will I get funding? Not necessarily, though completion to a satisfactory standard will mean your application will be considered by the Trustees. All funding award decisions are made entirely at the discretion of the Trustees and their decision is final. 

We are a new group and don’t have financial accounts available. You are still very welcome to make an application and provide more basic summary financial information that you have in response to specific application questions. The application process requests the submission of financial accounts information if available.

What types of activity may the Bransford Trust CIO fund? Activities and initiatives that fit within the categories of Culture, Education, Sport, Community or Healthcare as explained under What We Fund. Further context is provided by the Case Studies and News sections of this website, detailing activities that the Trust has recently supported and believes best demonstrates the types of activities it is keen to support. 

Are there other funding constraints to consider even if our activity fits within one of the identified categories and we are a not for profit organisation? Yes, without limitation these constraints include the Trust not considering applications for retrospective funding or making grant awards to help with an organisations costs that do not directly relate to activities that deliver community benefit e.g. restructuring costs, debt reduction, costs associated with legal actions etc. 

Beyond support of the eligible activity generally, what can Bransford Trust CIO funds be used for? Funding can be used to improve facilities via a capital project, undertake one off projects or events, or assist with running costs - noting that there must always be a clear link between how the funds are used and the demonstrable benefit to the community. Funding must be used for the purposes detailed in your application and this must be clearly revealed in the activity report that you agree to provide to the Trust - within six months of the grant award - as a condition of acceptance of funding.

How should applications be submitted? The Bransford Trust will only accept and review applications submitted via its website. Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered. 

How do we apply? Go to Apply Now and complete an online application for your chosen scheme. During the application process you will create an account that you can subsequently log into to progress your application. Once your application is complete and submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt via your online account. 

Can the application be saved in progress and completed in stages? Yes it can. 

Can we submit more than one application for funding at one time? No, all information regarding your organisation’s application for funding should be contained in one application. The Trust will only consider one application from an organisation at any one time.

When can applications be made? Applications can be submitted at any time prior to the closing date before the next meeting of the Trustees. There are two meetings each year at which times all applications made under the Main Grant scheme will be considered and decided upon. Main Grant scheme applications will only be decided upon at the Trustee meetings. Applications made under the Fast Track scheme will be considered and decided upon between Trust meetings, with the timing of decisions and subsequent payment of grant awards dependent on Trustee availability. 

We just missed the closing date with our submission, will our application still be considered at the meeting?  Your application will still be considered but not until the following meeting. Please make sure your application is completed in full and submitted before the closing dates stated on the Trust’s website.

How much can we apply for? The first step in determining this amount is to accurately assess the cost of your activity or initiative and decide what you need to deliver it and the benefits associated. It is unlikely the Trust will fund an initiative in full and expects funding applications to have been made to other sources; so that it may provide some matched funding. Having calculated how much money you need and considered other sourcing of funding, decide what you will request from the Trust. If you require below £2000, then consider making an application for a Fast Track award if available - if not, an application for up to £2000 can still be made under the Main Grant scheme, though it will not be decided upon until the next Trust meeting. If you require above £2000, then apply under the Main Grant scheme for what you need and the Trust will consider your application, subject to you meeting the initial eligibility criteria defined. All awards are made entirely at the discretion of the Trust which reserves the right to award grants for the full amount applied for, part of the amount or not at all depending on its assessment of your application. The Trust’s decision is final.

Why are the number of Fast Track awards limited? The Trustees are only able to consider a limited number of applications between meetings. The Fast Track scheme is designed to provide rapid access to a limited quantity of funds for eligible organisations and initiatives that cannot wait for a decision at the next meeting of the Trust. Each Fast Track grant may not exceed £2000 in aggregate.

How will I know if I get a grant? You will be informed via your account and the email details you supplied in your application if you are successful and are to be awarded funding. 

How long is the grant for? A grant made will be provided in a single lump sum payment unless you are advised otherwise. In certain exceptional circumstances, depending on its assessment of the phasing of expenditure associated with your activities or initiative, the Trust may decide to make a grant award via stage payments; advising a payment schedule with confirmation of your award. In this case you will be required to issue summary evaluation reports annually, in accordance with the Trust’s Terms and Conditions, to ensure all scheduled payments are made.

How will the grant payment be made? Payment will be made by bank transfer to the bank account of the applicant organisation. Details of the organisation’s bank account should be provided via the Trust’s website when requested. The bank account must be controlled by the applicant organisation’s managing Board or Committee.

Can I apply for another grant? Yes, whether or not you received a grant award in response to your initial application, you may submit another request to the Trust. The Trust does though seek to balance the support it provides to organisations and qualifying categories of activity.

We don’t agree with the decision the Trust has made regarding our application? All grants are awarded entirely at the discretion of the Trustees whose decision is final. The Trust receives a large number of applications and due to limited resources cannot enter into correspondence with applicants about decisions it has made regarding their applications, or provide feedback on applications following its decisions.

Why might our application have been rejected if the preliminary eligibility criteria were met? There are a number of reasons why applications for a grant may be rejected or indeed only some of the funds requested actually awarded. These include an oversubscription of applications in a particular category, an existing or pending high level of Trust support for similar organisations or initiatives, poor qualitative aspects of an application relative to other applications - that may inadequately make the case for the requested funds, that information provided does not support the case for the requested funds or that the detailed aims and objectives of the activity or initiative are insufficiently aligned with those of the Trust when considered in isolation or relative to other recent applications.

Are there any conditions attached to the grant award? You should review the Trust’s Terms and Conditions provided on this website to familiarise yourself with the obligations associated with your application and the acceptance of any grant award. Any award made must be used for the purposes detailed in the application. Other specific conditions include a requirement to confirm receipt of any grant award and the issue of a summary report - including pictures if available - describing the delivery of your activity or initiative. When making an application you will be required to give consent for the content of this summary report - as well as your organisation’s name and logo - to be used by the Trust in its public relations work, including publication via the News and Case Study section of this website.

Why is a report on activity required? So that the Trust can establish that the financial support it provides is being appropriately used and is delivering benefit to the local community. The report submitted will also be considered in case of any future application for funding to the Trust.

How do I communicate with the Trust? The Trust conducts all communication regarding applications through this website. You should actively monitor your account on the Trust website, via which you will be notified of requests for further information, grant awards, special conditions etc. The Trust does not have a presence on any social media sites. 

Does the Trust ever contact organisations and offer them money? No, the Trust does not make unsolicited offers of money. If you have not made an application to the Trust via this website, do not respond to any request for financial or personal information from anyone claiming to be from the Trust. 

When will we know if our application has been successful and when will a grant that has been awarded by the Trust be paid? Successful applicants will be advised of their award, and the grant paid to the applicant, usually within one month of the Trust’s decision. 

Can we publicise a grant award? Yes, though you must get Trust approval of any publicity information you produce prior to its release; whether through social media, contact with the press or via other relationships. The Trust can advise you regarding how to refer to the Trust and the grant you have received. As noted under Grant Awards on this page, grants are awarded on the condition that you are prepared to undertake publicity in association with the Trust.

If you have a question for the Trust that is not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions section then please submit it via the Contact Us page and we will either reply by email or update our Frequently Asked Questions page if we believe that is appropriate and will benefit other applicants.