Apply Now 

The Bransford Trust may be able to assist with the funding of your activities or initiative if you satisfy all of the following preliminary eligibility criteria: 

  • You are an organisation
  • The activity or initiative for which you seek support is taking place in the Worcester area
  • Your activity fits within at least one of the five qualifying categories: Culture, Education, Sport, Community and Healthcare 

If these initial criteria are met, then you will be able to complete an application for funding for review by the Trust - noting that completion of an application does not guarantee funding, as all grants are awarded entirely at the discretion of Trustees, whose decision is final.
Before starting the application process:

  • Decide whether to make an application under the Main Grant or Fast Track schemes How to Apply. If no Fast Track Grants are currently available then there will be no option below to commence the Fast Track application process.
  • Read the Guidance and FAQs section of the website to help assess the eligibility of your initiative and ensure that you complete your application fully and to a standard that will support consideration by the Trustees. While the Trust may request a small amount of additional information omitted from your application, incomplete applications with significant quantities of missing information will not be queried and will be rejected prior to Trustee review.

The application process includes the creation of an online account, that you can log in and out of, allowing completion of your application over multiple sessions; supported by the facility to save progress during and after each session.

The Main Grant scheme closing dates for applications, to ensure consideration at the corresponding summer and winter review meetings, are the 30th June and 15th December.

Apply for the Main Grant scheme 

Complete a full application for grant funding of all amounts, for review at the next Trust meeting.

Main Grant Scheme

Apply for the Fast Track scheme

Complete a simplified application for funding of up to £1000, for review between Trust meetings.

Fast Track Scheme